1000 KUSFox NFT Giveaway for KuStack Users

2 min readApr 9, 2022


Dear KuSwappers!

We are giving out a total of 1000 unique 3D KUSFox NFTs via a time-weighted raffle contest system.

How to get tickets

  1. Tickets are earned by creating Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens on KuSwap and depositing at least 10 KUS-KCS LP tokens on KuStack KUS-KCS auto compounding pool.
  2. Tickets are distributed every second after the “Ticket Counting Start Date.”
  3. For every 10 KUS-KCS LP staked, you will get (1) ticket

10 $KUS-KCS LP = 1 Ticket
20 $KUS-KCS LP = 2 Tickets
25 $KUS-KCS LP = 2 Tickets

4. The KuStack deposits will start earning tickets on April 10, 2022. The exact time will be announced on KuSwap Announcements.

5. The KuStack KUS-KCS Autocompounding pool is already open. You can deposit now to make sure you start earning tickets as soon as it starts.


1. The raffle will be drawn every 5 days.
2. At draw time, we will randomly select 20 winners from all the tickets distributed.
3. The NFTs will be airdropped to the winners’ addresses right before the next draw.
4. After a winner is chosen, the lottery is reset and depositors will begin reaccumulating tickets.

Keep it Staked

  1. You will automatically earn tickets in the subsequent raffles as long as you keep your $KUS-KCS LP deposit staked.
  2. You can increase the tickets you earn for every draw by depositing more $KUS-KCS LP tokens on KuStack.

More Details to Follow

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