Since the beginning of our DEX earlier this year in June, one of the features we were most looking forward to implementing was the NFT Marketplace. From that time up until now a lot has changed in the world of NFTs and launching at this time couldn’t have come at…

Here are the winners for the Halloween Art and Meme contest. There were a lot of good submissions and these, in our opinion, are the best ones.

Art and Meme Contest Winners

5th Place (10 KUS)

4th Place (20 KUS)

3rd Place (30 KUS)

2nd Place (40 KUS)

1st Place (50 KUS)

Retweet Contest Winners


Congratulations to all the winners. We also gave a 1 KUS consolation prize to everyone who submitted memes and art. All prizes are claimable via the KuDrops section of the site. See you all next KuDrops!!!

KuSwap Finance Team

Dear KuSwappers,

On September 12, 2021 at 6:00 PM UTC, we will be launching the KuSwap Lottery. The KuSwap Lottery is a means to let everyone have a chance at winning huge KUS prizes while burning up KUS which permanently reduces its supply.

The KuSwap lottery allows everyone to purchase…

We are glad to announce that the rewards for all the winners of the 1st ever KuSwap Trading Battle are now available to be claimed via KuDrops. While we were not able to achieve the $10 price for KUS, we were able to get some nice statistics for our exchange.

KuAcorn held their IDO on KuSwap’s KUSPAD a few days ago. Shortly after, they offered everyone a free trial of all of the platform’s features. Now that everyone has seen the value of KuAcorn, we will open the KuAcorn-KCS Farm and Single Staking KUSPOOL for you to earn more KuAcorn.



Swap it till you make it.

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