Get Ready for the KuSwap <> PENFT Partnership and PENFT’s POCO Santa Sale!

3 min readDec 16, 2022

Dear KuSwappers,

KuSwap is proud to announce a partnership with PENFT, the creators of the POCO NFT collection, to bring KuSwappers a special POCO NFT Santa Sale this December 20–27, 2022.

These Special POCO NFT’s have a special trait. They all have a special Santa Hat! A total of 40 POCOs have this special rarity and to celebrate the Christmas season, PENFT will be listing 20 POCOs on the KuSwap NFT Marketplace at a discounted rate!

POCO Santa Sale Event Details
Sale Date
: Dec 20 ~ Dec 27th
Venue: KuSwap NFT MarketPlace
Discount: 20 Santa Hat POCOs will be listed on KuSwap NFT Marketplace & sold at $25 each!

Rewards: $35 worth of $PEN Airdrops will be distributed to each Santa Hat POCO NFT within 2 weeks after the event ends! 5 holders that verify their POCO via Twitter will receive additional $PEN.

POCO is a collection of NFTs featuring a wide range of cute and colorful characters, each with their own unique traits. POCO is part of the larger PENFT project, which is itself part of the even bigger Protocon project. Protocon is a blockchain ecosystem which is scheduled to launch on mainnet soon.

The POCO NFT Santa Sale will give KuSwappers the opportunity to get their hands on these sought-after POCO NFTs at discounted prices. Due to their airdrop usecase, the sale will feature a limited number of Santa Hat POCO NFTs, so try to grab yours early.

In addition to the POCO NFT Santa Sale, PENFT will be hosting an AMA (ask me anything) session on the KuSwap telegram channel on December 19, 2022 at 3PM UTC. This will give KuSwappers the opportunity to learn more about the project, and to ask questions and get answers from the PENFT team. Prior to that event, you can submit your questions to the PENFT team using this form provided below.

KuSwap x PENFT AMA Event Details
: December 19th at 3PM UTC
Venue: KuSwap Official Telegram Group
What to do: Leave questions on KuSwap’s Google Form and attend the AMA on KuSwap telegram.
Google Form for AMA Questions:
Prize: 5 POCO NFTs & $15 worth of $PEN

KuSwap users can take part in the POCO NFT Santa Sale by visiting the KuSwap platform and navigating to the NFT marketplace. The sale will run from December 20–27, 2022, so be sure to mark your calendars and don’t miss out on the chance to get your hands on some of these highly sought-after NFTs at discounted prices. Supplies are limited and it’s First Come First Serve.

The partnership between KuSwap and PENFT is a great example of how DeFi and NFTs can work together to bring value to users. By combining functionality of a Decentralized NFT Marketplace with a very exciting NFT usecase, KuSwap and PENFT are able to offer users a truly unique and exciting experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned DeFi user or just starting out, be sure to check out KuSwap and PENFT this December and take part in the POCO NFT Santa Sale. And don’t forget to join the AMA on December 19 to learn more about these exciting projects and ask any questions you may have.