KMX Testnet Launch on KCC Testnet

2 min readFeb 26


Dear KuSwappers,

We are excited to announce the launch of the KMX testnet on February 25, 2023 on the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) Testnet. The KMX testnet enables users to experience leverage trading before the platform rollout on mainnet. Our goal is to give everyone a good idea on how the platform works and to receive valuable feedback from the community.

The KMX Testnet is an incentivized testing environment that allows users to participate in an exciting contest: the KMX Trading Challenge, starting from February 25 to March 25, 2023.

KMX Trading Challenge

The KMX Trading Challenge is a contest to see who can generate the highest trading volume. The top 100 users with the highest trading volume will share a prize pool of 3,500 USD in esKMX.

The prize breakdown for the Trading Challenge is as follows:

  • Top 1: 1,000 USD in esKMX
  • Top 2: 600 USD in esKMX
  • Top 3: 400 USD in esKMX
  • Top 4–100: Share in 1,500 USD in esKMX

The top 20 users in this challenge will also receive a Kusfox NFT each.

Testnet Details

The KuSwap testnet is open now and can be accessed at

For connecting to KCC Testnet manually, Please refer to this tutorial.

KCC Testnet RPC Details:
Network Name: KCC Testnet
Chain ID: 322
Symbol: KCS
Explorer URL:
Faucet URL:

Test and Provide Feedback

The KMX Testnet is an excellent opportunity for users to test out the platform’s various features and functionalities without risking any real money. By participating in the contests, users can experience how the platform works and provide valuable feedback to the developers. The feedback allows the developers to improve the platform’s performance and user experience.

Please send feedback here:

KMX Testnet provides a safe and risk-free environment for users to experiment with our platform. We are excited to see the KMXTrading Challenge play out, and we look forward to awarding the prizes to the top performers.

In conclusion, the KMX Testnet is an exciting development for KuSwap and our users. It is a great opportunity for users to test out our platform, provide feedback, and compete for fantastic prizes. We are thrilled to see how the KMX Testnet performs and the valuable feedback it provides to the KuSwap team.

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