KuAcorn Farm Launch on KuSwap

KuAcorn held their IDO on KuSwap’s KUSPAD a few days ago. Shortly after, they offered everyone a free trial of all of the platform’s features. Now that everyone has seen the value of KuAcorn, we will open the KuAcorn-KCS Farm and Single Staking KUSPOOL for you to earn more KuAcorn.


Stake KuAcorn-KCS, Earn KuAcorn

  1. Go here and provide KuAcorn-KCS liquidity to get LP Tokens.
  2. Go here to stake the LP Tokens.
  3. Earn KuAcorn depending on your share of the pool.
  4. Earn 0.05% of the fees (earnings will depend on the volume of transactions)

Stake KUS, Earn KuAcorn

  1. Go here and stake KUS on the designated pool
  2. Earn KuAcorn

Some Final Tips and Hints

As always, the earlier you are in the farms and the pool , the better — because the rewards are shared between less people at the start.

Also, there will be a KuAcorn trading competition in the coming weeks and with that competition comes volume which would mean more earnings to share among the liquidity providers.

KuAcorn has a very low total supply of 20,000,000 KuAcorn tokens and those tokens are needed in order to use the full PRO features of the KuAcorn Platform. As more people find out about the KuCoin Community Chain, we can expect more users who will want a tool like KuAcorn that Manages your portfolio and helps you understand the inflation in the different farms, your true yield, and, in the future, the risks involved in your portfolio. Overall, it is a very important tool in order to stay competitive in the whole KCC ecosystem.

Learn More About KuAcorn

Learn More About KuSwap




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Swap it till you make it.

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