KuNews: June Highlights & What’s Next?

  1. Successful Presale (SOLD-OUT)
    KuSwap conducted a presale on the KUSPad on June 25th.
    It was sold out in a little over an hour and started trading shortly after. https://kuswap.finance/#/swap.
  2. Farming Launch
    During the start of the farming, there were some technical issues but the team managed to pull through. We were impressed and overwhelmed by the support of the community despite the issues encountered. You can now farm KUS tokens at https://kuswapfinance.netlify.app/ (temporary link)
  3. Fixed UI issues and Pending issues

So what has the team been up to since then?

  1. Launchpad Partnerships
    During the presale, participants were able to experience the efficiency of the KUSPad and the built in referral system it has. This prompted several entities to contact us, interested in doing their Pre-Sale on the KUSPad. Negotiations with these entities are currently ongoing at this time.
  2. Our Non-theGraph solution
    KuSwap developers wanted to display better charts and analytics than the ones currently available. For this, an infrastructure such as theGraph is necessary. However, theGraph currently does not support the KuCoin Community Chain and so the KuSwap team had to build their own version of it.
  3. Community Building
    We have opened three telegram groups for our fans in three countries. More will be opened as the need arises.
  4. Liquidity Provider Boost
    Currently, the dev fees are set to 0, this implies that 100% of the fees and incentives go to the KuSwap’s liquidity providers, in addition, a very nice APY for farming KUS in the KUS-KCS Liquidity Pool.
  5. Suggestion Box
    We are taking suggestions from the community. If you have an idea that you believe will benefit our community and project, please send it to:

Short Term Roadmap

  1. KUSbridge
    KUSbridge is currently being developed to transfer assets between the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). The team is looking to expand the bridge to other networks. The fees collected in the KUSbridge will increase liquidity in the KuSwap KUS pools and AirDrop LP providers holding at least 100 LP tokens.
  2. KuDrops
    While this feature is currently operational, the first rewards for the giveaways that were announced last June will be claimable starting on July 6, 2021 via the KuDrops area of the website, beginning with the gleam giveaway winners and the $PLAY minter winners the following week.
  3. As part of our community-building efforts, more competitions will be held. https://kuswap.finance/#/kudrop
  4. Charts and Analytics Charts and Analytics will be added to KuSwap in July.
  5. Single Asset staking and other Farms
    Soon, it will also be possible to stake KUS in order to farm KUS. There will also be farming referrals for those who want to contribute to the project by letting other people know about KuSwap through referrals.
Swap it till you make it!



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