KUSPlay: Launch of Prediction (BETA)

3 min readAug 29, 2022

Dear KuSwappers,

We know that you are looking forward to the release of v3 features. Today, we are glad to announce the official release of the KuSwap Decentralized Prediction Market, where you can earn by predicting KCS-USDT price.

All you need to do is to go to https://play.kuswap.io/ and make a prediction about the future value of KCS-USDT based on your market knowledge/intuition. If you answer correctly, you’ll win a portion of the prize pool.

How does it work?

It’s simple. KuSwap Prediction has three stages: Next, Live, and Expired.

Predict whether the price of KCS-USDT will be higher or lower when the “LIVE” phase begins.

You WIN if you enter a “UP” position and the “Closed Price” is greater than the “Locked Price” at the end of the 5 minute LIVE period. And if it’s less, you’re out.

If you enter a “DOWN” position and the “Closed Price” at the end of the 5 minute LIVE period is greater than the “Locked Price,” you LOSE! You win if it is lower.


Your submitted round will end after the 5min as the live round. There is nothing you need to do in order to bring the round to a close; everything happens automatically.


If you’ve missed to collect your prizes from previous rounds. Any prizes you’ve earned from previous games can be claimed at any time in the “History” tab, you can also check how well you are doing to help users strategize or size their positions.


  1. You cannot modify your position once you have committed. Before making a prediction, make sure there is enough time for it to be confirmed (at least 30 seconds).
  2. Each rewards multiplier is different. As the “Prize Pool” grows based on predictions, the multiplier will change.

How is the payout calculated?

Payout Ratio for UP Pool = Total Value of Both Pools ÷ Value of UP Pool
Payout Ratio for DOWN Pool = Total Value of Both Pools ÷ Value of DOWN Pool

if the DOWN side of a round has 15 KCS and the entire prize pool is 150KCS, the DOWN payout ratio will be (150/15)=10x.

Position Payout Amount = Payout Ratio (1 — Treasury Fee)

If the round concludes with a DOWN result, and you committed 2 KCS to a DOWN position, you would receive a dividend of (2*10) (1–0.03) = 19.4 KCS. 17.4 KCS would be your profit (19.4–2).


In each round, 2% of the total amount is allocated to KUSGOV stakeholders in KuStack, and 1% is to be utilized for Oracle.

KuSwap Prediction is in BETA. If you encounter any bugs at all, please feel free to let us know on Telegram at KuSwap Support.

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