KuSwap Lottery Surprise Prizes, Updates, and KuDrops Winners

Dear Kuswappers,

A week has gone by since the launch of the KuSwap Lottery and we have gotten excellent response and excellent feedback and suggestions from the community. We have heard and evaluated your suggestions.

Surprise Prizes

First off, we would like to thank all those who supported the KuSwap Lottery Launch. To say thank you to our 10 most supportive users, we decided to give Special NFTs to the top 10 ticket holders by the end of Round 21. You can participate in this until Round 21 is over.

Starting Round 22, The weekly Top 3 players with the most lottery tickets will be receiving the Special NFT prize. This will go on until all 100 Special NFT’s have been allocated. The leaderboard resets every week.

These Special NFTs will be distributed before the next IDO so all of them would be able to join Special Round A. Please note that you can win this NFT more than once and each instance counts on your allocation for Special Round A.


As mentioned earlier, we have received very valuable feedback from the community regarding the KuSwap Lottery.

1. Lottery Frequency

We have received a lot of suggestions for building up the KUS Prizes in the lottery and in line with this, we have changed the lottery frequency from twice a day to once per day. Each round will Start at 6:00PM UTC and will be drawn at the same time.

2. Distribution of Special NFTs

From here on, there are 3 ways to get 1 of the 100 special NFTs that would enable you to participate in Special Round A of the next IDO.

  1. Match 4, 5, or 6 numbers in the KuSwap Lottery.
  2. Weekly Top 3 holders of KUS tickets for that week.
  3. Other contests where we announce that this prize can be won.

3. KUS Injections

There will be KUS Injections everytime someone matches 4, 5, and 6 numbers.
Someone Matches 4 numbers = Inject 1000 KUS
Someone Matches 5 numbers = Inject 3000 KUS
Someone Matches 6 numbers = Inject 5000 KUS

These will be on top of the KUS Injections every other round and other KUS injections that may be initiated by the team for special events.

Lottery Tweet KuDrops Winners

The winners for the KuDrops Event for KuSwap Lottery Tweets will be drawn on stream LIVE right after the end of Lottery Round 21. The link to the stream will be posted on the Announcements channel.

Thank you, once again, to everyone and we hope that you will continue to enjoy and support the KuSwap Lottery as our community continues to grow.

KuSwap Team

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Swap it till you make it.

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