KuSwap NFT Trading Battle ⚔

3 min readApr 3, 2022


Dear KuSwappers,

Today, we will be launching the first-ever KuSwap NFT Trading Battle!
We have been building and testing something exciting during the past month: A trading battle for NFTs, another KuSwap innovation, the first of its kind in the DeFi space.



The Trading Battle will last for 10 days, from April 2, 2022, to April 12, 2022, at 18:00 UTC.

Participating Collections

The following collections will be included in your total NFT trading volume:

  • VixenPunks
  • VixenPups
  • KuCoin Lomen
  • PlayKardia
  • KuDoggies
  • KuOrks

3. NFT Trading Battle

To participate in the trading competition, purchase or sell any item from the collections listed above. Your volume grows with each successful transaction.

4. Winner Selection

The trading battle will come to an end, at which point we will determine the winners based on the cumulative total NFT trading volume across all participants for trades completed within the specified time period.

5. Prizes ✨

BATTLE 1: The TOP 100 & the Top 10 places will be getting the following prizes

The first 100 users ranked by effective trading volume for NFTs will share a pool of 8700 KUS, with the top 10 receiving a rare NFT.

Top 1: KUS + KuCoin Lomen NFT
Top 2: KUS + KuCoin Lomen NFT
Top 3: KUS + VixenPunks NFT
Top 4: KUS + VixenPups NFT
Top 5: KUS + VixenPups NFT
Top 6: KUS + PlayKardia NFT
Top 7: KUS + PlayKardia NFT
Top 8: KUS + KuOrks NFT
Top 9: KUS + KuOrks NFT
Top 10: KUS + KuDoggies NFT

BATTLE 2: Ranking Tournament Prize Pool of 1000 KUS

Users ranked 87, 118, 131, 43, 143, 153, 17, 79, 62, 84 places based on their effective trading volume for selected NFT collections will each receive additional reward of 100 KUS.

BATTLE 3: Prize pool of 300 KUS for 20 random retweets

Follow KuSwap and Retweet the announcement on Twitter and take a part in the draw of 300 KUS. 20 lucky winners will be selected randomly and will receive 15 KUS each.

NFT Battle Leaderboard:

Traders can begin trading NFTs immediately, and their scores and rewards will be live after 12 hours of initial trading data has been collected.

Check it out: https://app.kuswap.finance/#/nft-battle

See you guys at the NFT Trading Battle!

Upcoming update: Exclusive KuSwap Vaults 💥

KuSwap Finance Team

KuSwap Finance




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