KuSwap Trading Battle — $11,000 Prize Pool




  1. Follow KuSwap on Twitter
  2. Retweet this tweet about the KuSwap Trading Battle.
  3. There will be 20 random winners of $50 each.

KuSwap Community Incentive

Final Guidelines

  • KuSwap Finance reserves the right to disqualify participants based on malicious acts and/or any attempt at cheating and/or manipulating the results of the competition in any way other than what has been provided for in the mechanics.
  • KuSwap Finance will be the final arbiter for any disagreements about the competition.
  • All prizes and rewards will be given in KUS tokens.
  • The amount of KUS tokens to be given out will be pegged to its dollar value at the exact time of the end of the competition.
  • The distribution of the prizes and rewards will be within 48 hours after the competition ends.

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