KuSwap Triple Update: Invite to Earn, KUSGOV Farming Bonus, and NEW KUS Farms

Invite To Earn

New KUS Farms

Since our launch 6 months ago, the KuSwap Team has kept on adding new updates and features. And while we will certainly keep adding features to add more value to the KUS token, we also need to strengthen our farming roots in order to attract more users and more liquidity into our ecosystem.

KUSGOV Farming Bonus

In addition to the new farms, we are also launching the KUSGOV farming bonus where KUSGOV holders will get boosted rewards as a way to incentivize participation in Governance of the platform.

Up Next:

Toward the closing of the year, we will be publishing our first year end report. We will also be discussing governance proposals designed to strengthen the KUS Token, and for those among you who likes to see the big picture, a detailed roadmap of the things to expect in the near future.



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