KuSwap Updates: Massive Burn Proposal, KuSwap 3.0 Vision and Farms/Pools Migration

KuSwap 3.0

What You Need to Know

The Quarterly Burn Proposal

The v1 Farms and Pools Migration

  • V2 Pool rewards are active, stake your KUS in v2 Pools https://app.kuswap.finance/#/pools-v2.
  • On Monday 6 UTC, v1 farms and pools will stop emissions, and their v2 counterparts will get a 2x boost.
  • After Monday 6 UTC, you must be in the v2 farms and pools to harvest rewards. Please migrate your farms and pools as early as possible.

How to migrate from v1 to V2

Step 1:

UnStake your LP tokens from v1

Step 2:

Confirm UnStake of available LP tokens from v1

Step 3: Stake in v2 Farms

1. Enable Pool (if available)
2. Stake your LP tokens
3. Confirm and Win



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