KuSwap v3: Final Migration Updates and Launch

3 min readAug 29, 2023


Dear KuSwappers,

Thanks for hanging tight with us on KuSwap v3! Together as a community, we’ve pushed through, and now it’s time to come together for the big launch of KCC’s next-level Liquidity Solution.

A Shared Vision

Our vision for KuSwap is to serve as the default liquidity solution for KCC, enabling protocols and projects building on KCC to incentivize their own liquidity using their own token by providing incentives to veKUS holders or by locking veKUS and voting for their own pools. This enables project builders to build liquidity in the most capital-efficient way possible. veKUS holders, on the other hand, will enjoy 100% of the fees and bribes to the pools that they vote for. This establishes a self-regulating mechanism that benefits the most active participants in the ecosystem.

Genesis Liquidity

In order to establish liquidity from the outset, KuSwap has earmarked an additional 300,000 KUS tokens as bribes for the initial pools. This allocation aims to benefit both early Liquidity Providers who migrate their assets, as well as new participants who provide liquidity for the first time.

It’s important to note that this bonus allocation of KUS tokens is only applicable for the initial epoch. Following this period, KUS emissions will be distributed to liquidity providers as initially planned in the protocol specifications.

By participating early, Liquidity Providers can maximize their rewards and contribute to a stable foundation for KuSwap.

Instructions for LP Migration can be found at https://v3docs.kuswap.finance/migrating-v2-lp-tokens-to-v3

Decaying Emissions

The emissions will gradually lower down by 1% every week. This reduction strategy ensures that the distribution of KUS tokens remains sustainable over the long term. Our aim is to strike a balance between incentivizing early adopters and ensuring the longevity of the KuSwap ecosystem.

Governance in Control

Moving forward, KuSwap’s operations will be directed by its governance system. Holders of veKUS tokens will play a pivotal role in this structure. They will possess the authority to determine the direction of KUS token emissions. Additionally, these veKUS holders will also have the exclusive privilege to approve the minting of additional KUS tokens for emission purposes. This approach ensures that the platform remains decentralized, with key decisions being made by those who are actively invested in its success.

Gearing Up for a Multichain Future

KuSwap is actively gearing up to expand its horizons by introducing protocols on multiple chains. As the cornerstone supporters of KuSwap, veKUS holders will find themselves in a very privileged position. They are set to benefit from a proportional airdrop on any chain that KuSwap chooses to venture into.

While the migration process for KuSwap was time-intensive, it was necessary in order to meticulously craft and perfect our infrastructure in anticipation of these forthcoming expansions. In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency where vulnerabilities can often be exploited, you can rest assured that the KuSwap team prioritizes robust security measures.

Moreover, our commitment to reciprocating the trust and support of our community remains unwavering. We believe in fostering a symbiotic relationship where both the platform and its community thrive together.

KuSwap v3 contract address: 0xfd7a0e0a629402d92cb665d2a64fe6d22bf08a66

v3 docs are now available at https://v3docs.kuswap.finance/

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