KuSwap v3 Migration Update, Commitment to Security and Multichain Future

2 min readAug 18, 2023


Dear KuSwappers,

We sincerely thank you for your continuous support and patience as we navigate through our token migration phase. In the ever-evolving space of decentralized finance, your unwavering trust means the world to us.

We’d like to share a crucial update on our migration journey:

1. Reason for the Delay
While we had anticipated a certain timeframe for the launch, our in-depth assessments have shown that to align contracts, UI, and backend seamlessly, an additional week is imperative. We prioritize the integrity of our platform and the safety of our community above all. This is a pivotal phase, and we want to get it right the first time.

2. The Path Forward
Though we acknowledge that a week’s delay might be significant in the fast-paced DeFi sector, we are steadfast in our belief that this extra time is critical for ensuring an unparalleled user experience and unshakeable platform security. Your safety and satisfaction remain at the forefront of our endeavors.

3. Clear Skies on the Horizn
We are looking at a couple of chains where we can start our multichain journey. There are some who, we believe, are interested to have a good and proven team build on theirs, not to mention an unwavering community, pretty much unlike anything seen in other parts of DeFi.

In conclusion, your faith and trust drive us to strive for excellence. We understand that delays can be frustrating, but they are sometimes essential for achieving our shared goals of security and decentralization. In preparing for the oncoming masses who will use DeFi, we aim to stand out as a platform that takes extra care for the security of its users.