KuSwap x KuAcorn — IDO Announcement

KuSwap is proud to announce that KuAcorn Finance will be joining the KuSwap community for an upcoming IDO. KuAcorn is here to give you the data that you need in order to maximize your profits and take the front row in the hottest chain in town — the KuCoin Community Chain.

What is KuAcorn?

KuAcorn, in a NUTshell, is a heavy-duty, portfolio-tracking platform which carries a lot of features that can be used not just in KuSwap, but in the whole KuCoin Community Chain — features such as portfolio management, yield farming computations and summaries, keeping tabs on your impermanent loss (IL) and so much more.

KuAcorn was born out of a desire to create a new way to look at data in the KuCoin Community Chain. By using it, you will understand more about your assets and you will have the tools you need in order to decide how to best maximize your profits.

Main Features

  • View all holdings in KCC’s DEX systems and your wallet.
  • View a Summary of your holdings with metrics such as yield per day, average yield, total net worth, and percentage of holdings by coin and platform.
  • Visibility into your invested LP price to keep tabs on your Impermanent Loss (IL).
  • Know when it is time to harvest your crops by getting visibility into the pending rewards of your investments.

IDO Schedule

August 4, 6PM UTC — Announcement of KuAcorn IDO
August 5, 6PM UTC — Announcement of Mechanics for the IDO
August 8, 6PM UTC — KuAcorn AMA in KuSwap telegram
August 10, 6PM UTC — KuAcorn IDO

More information will be released in the coming days leading to the launch so stay tuned, keep farming, and #SwapItTillYouMakeIt.

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