KuSwap x KuAcorn NEW IDO Mechanics and Presale Details

After conferring with our Community Managers and our IDO partners, we have decided to make some changes to the mechanics of the upcoming IDO in order to give everyone a better chance at getting in on the much awaited IDO.

We had promised time and again that we will listen to our community as we build KuSwap and its ecosystem. A huge part of the concerns with the previous mechanics was the pool weight score giving most of the allocations to the biggest holders of KUS-LP’s resulting in a great disadvantage to the smaller holders.

We must remember that KuAcorn, first and foremost, is a utility token, one that has a real use case in portfolio management as well as tracking and managing farming rewards and other much needed insights. Hence, we believe that it is in the best interests of everyone to have the possibility to acquire the tokens they need in order to be able to use the full functionality of KuAcorn. The previous mechanics resulted in a very low allocation for the small holders. So, in order to give everyone a fair shot at the IDO and get the tokens they need, we will present the final mechanics in the next section.


The IDO will be held on August 10 and will be done in 2 rounds.

Round 1
For the first round, a total of 5M KuAcorn (KUA) tokens will be up for sale. All users with 1 LP in any of the official KUS Farms or 3 KUS in the single staking KUS Pool will be able to participate. The AutoCompounding KUS Pool as well as 3rd party farms will not be included in the sale.

Round 1 will be a First Come First Serve (FCFS) sale with a maximum possible contribution of 200 KCS.
Duration of Round 1 is 1 hour. 6PM — 7PM UTC.

Round 2
If there are unsold tokens after Round 1, Round 2 will start 1 hour after the end of round 1. In Round 2, there are no restrictions and no max contribution. It will be available to everyone.
Duration of Round 2 is 1 hour. 8PM — 9PM UTC.

Presale Details

There will be 5,000,000 KUA tokens for sale
Price = 0.07$ per KUA in KCS in Round 1 and in Round 2.
The price of KCS will be pegged to its dollar value at 2PM UTC.
Listing Price on KuSwap = Same as presale price.
Listing time on KuSwap = 10 PM UTC.
Presalers will be able to claim shortly after listing.
Please use the KUSPAD page to participate in the presale buy.
There is an anti bot feature. You will also not be able to send directly to the contract.

Referral System

A referral system will be in place for both rounds of the presale.
To get started, go to the main KUSPAD page and click on the “Get Referral Link.”
All referrers will receive a one-percent commission from each referral who successfully participates in the presale.
It will not be necessary for the referrals to have LP tokens or KUS tokens on claim.
Upon completion of the presale, you will be able to claim all referral bonuses.

That’s it! See you in the presale. Come on time to increase your chances of being able to participate. Good luck.

KuSwap Team

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