KuSwap Announces Strategic Partnership with Saffron Finance

2 min readApr 25, 2022

Dear KuSwappers,

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Saffron Finance.

Who are They?

Saffron is a DeFi risk management protocol. Users can select high or low risk based on their preference and earn customized yield depending on their selection.

Saffron offers a variety of risk-adjusted pools that mitigate the negative effects of impermanent loss, price volatility, and underlying smart contract failure. Advanced users can take on extra risk to earn higher yield by opting-in to high risk pools available on the Saffron web3 application.

Saffron was initially created on November 1st, 2020, by a pseudonymous founder “psykeeper”. The protocol’s native token (SFI) is a governance token, controlling decisions made in the Saffron DAO, and can be staked to earn emissions as well.


KuSwap will be adding the following HIGH APR pool to our liquidity mining program:


This pool will open on April 26, 2022 at 6PM UTC and will start rewards 24 hours later so everyone can join in.

Saffron will be adding insurance services to the following trading pairs on KuSwap.


Trading Battle

As part of this new partnership, our new partners will be sponsoring a trading battle on KuSwap! With $40,000 in prizes for the top 200 KuSwappers who will be participating. All you need to do is trade the KUS-SFI pair within the trading battle period which would be from April 28, 2022 6PM UTC up to May 8, 2022 6PM UTC. More details will be announced on the KuSwap Announcements Channel.


As a part of this partnership, Saffron will be giving away SFI tokens to KUSGOV Stakers. A snapshot of the KUSGOV staking pool will be taken on April 26, 2022 6PM UTC and the KUSGOV Stakers will be sharing an airdrop of $10,000 worth of SFI tokens so they can join the farming and the trading battles.

We are all excited to welcome Saffron Finance to the KuSwap community. More details about this new partnership and the exciting events will be announced in the following days. Go check them out at their socials.