KuSwap x sKCS.io Strategic Partnership

2 min readAug 22, 2022


Dear KuSwappers,

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with sKCS.io.

Who are They?

sKCS.io is a liquidity staking protocol for KCS on KCC. Users can stake KCS into sKCS.io and receive sKCS. sKCS can be used to participate in other DeFi products to obtain higher returns or unstake back to KCS at any time.​

As an underlying asset protocol on KCC, sKCS.io would like to help users experience the composability of DeFi protocols in one click. Apart from the juicy yields that sKCS.io can offer, it is also expected to become the next highly-recognized asset on KCC to build the whole ecosystem on-chain and promote the flow of asset value.​ ​


To show our support, KuSwap will be adding a KUS-sKCS pool to the KuSwap farms and we will be filling it with a juicy APR.

This pool will be open for deposits on August 23, 2022 at 4PM UTC and will start rewards 24 hours later so everyone can join in.

sKCS.io is scheduled to do an AMA on KuSwap telegram on Aug 24, 2022 at 2PM UTC.

We are all excited to welcome sKCS.io to the KuSwap community. More details about this new partnership and the exciting events may be announced in the following days. Go check them out at their socials.


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