The Long Awaited Tokenomics

3 min readJun 24, 2021


As our community grows and we approach the launch date, many of you are understandably very curious to know the tokenomics of the project. We thought sharing this article would be a great and timely way to address this, so that everyone can gain some clarity into the KUS token and its long term potential.

The Basics

KUS is the token that powers and flows through the KuSwap ecosystem. It allows holders to farm, enter into pools and swap on the exchange among many other things, all at a virtually feeless cost.

The usecases of KUS will be evolving alongside the project with some things already in development.

You will be able to:


  • Swap KUS in the exchange for other tokens and vice versa.
  • Create a KUS/KCS liquidity pool and earn LP tokens.
  • Farm KUS/KCS to earn more KUS.
  • Stake KUS to earn more KUS.

Currently in development:

  • A launchpad where holders of KUS will be able to participate in upcoming IDOs.
  • An NFT marketplace where minting and trade will be done using KUS.
  • A predictions game where users can bet KUS to win more tokens based on their odds.
  • A lottery game where users can enter into a raffle and win a jackpot of KUS tokens.
  • A lending platform.

KUS Tokenomics

We took one of our favorite coins, Sushiswap, and used it as the basis for our tokenomics. We made some alterations along the way to better suit our vision, keep things fresh and original, and improve the economics around the token.

The tokenomics of KUS can be broken down in the following way:

  • Currently 1KUS per block and will be increased to 30 as liquidity goes up.
  • Up to 100% of the exchange trade fees are awarded to holders in the form of KUS tokens.
  • 50% of swap fees are reserved for a scheduled buyback of the KUS token for burning, and the remaining 50% go to development.

KUS Supply

Our goal is to come up with the most fair and equal distribution of the token supply so that early holders are heavily rewarded, while at the same time creating strong incentives for long term growth, encouraging new investors to join our ecosystem.

This is the breakdown of the KUS supply:

350,000,000 → Max Supply / Hardcap
345,000,000 → Emissions
→️ Farms / Launchpools: 85.7% per block
→️ KuDrops: 4.3% per block
→️ Holders Insurance: 1% per block
→️ Team: 9% per block
2,000,000 → KuSwap Foundation Tokens (Development / Hiring) — Locked and Vested 24 months
2,000,000 → Marketing and Partnerships — Locked and Vested 24 months
400,000 → Presale including referrals
100,000 → Initial liquidity
300,000 → Reserved Liquidity
100,000 → Giveaways/Prizes — Locked and Vested 24 months
100,000 → Burned

*Starting August 3, 2021 all tokenomics updates will be published on

Final Thoughts

In creating the tokenomics for KUS we took inspiration from other successful AMMs we admire like Pancakeswap and Uniswap and combined the best aspects of each one in order to create a highly optimised token that users will appreciate holding and using.

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