The Long Awaited Tokenomics

The Basics

  • Swap KUS in the exchange for other tokens and vice versa.
  • Create a KUS/KCS liquidity pool and earn LP tokens.
  • Farm KUS/KCS to earn more KUS.
  • Stake KUS to earn more KUS.
  • A launchpad where holders of KUS will be able to participate in upcoming IDOs.
  • An NFT marketplace where minting and trade will be done using KUS.
  • A predictions game where users can bet KUS to win more tokens based on their odds.
  • A lottery game where users can enter into a raffle and win a jackpot of KUS tokens.
  • A lending platform.

KUS Tokenomics

  • Currently 1KUS per block and will be increased to 30 as liquidity goes up.
  • Up to 100% of the exchange trade fees are awarded to holders in the form of KUS tokens.
  • 50% of swap fees are reserved for a scheduled buyback of the KUS token for burning, and the remaining 50% go to development.

KUS Supply

Final Thoughts



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